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How often should you clean your AIR DUCTS?

Jan 10

How often should you clean your AIR DUCTS?

By Columbus Airduct Cleaning

When was the most recent time your air conditioners were cleaned out? It was probably longer than it should. HVAC systems are more likely to collect dust and pollutant than you think. The majority of health hazards are hidden, but they're always there. They're hidden in the invisible duct systems.

Air ducts provide a safe place for contaminants like pollen, dust, and dirt to hide. Air is forced through them to get into the house, and then back into it through the system. Some contaminants are filtered through the various filters. They also tend to stick to the ductwork and get trapped in the register grill.

When should your air ducts be cleaned?

The truth of the matter is you should have them cleaned anytime your HVAC system isn’t operating at optimal efficiency, there is an odor, or you suspect that something is blocking the airflow. It takes about 2 years for air duct cleanings to be done in an apartment or house. Commercial properties need to have their ductwork and HVAC systems inspected every year. Cleaning the air ducts in commercial properties like office buildings, educational establishments, malls, and other commercial properties is recommended every three to 4 years.

NADCA explains that there are many reasons you should clean your air filters.

The most important reason to clean the air ducts if you're moving into a new place is number one. You won't be able to tell the difference between what you see and what the old owners did. If you consider the costs of buying the home, moving, and cleaning up, cleaning the air filters is probably the most expensive. You can at least rest assured that the air filter is clean.

NADCA also lists other reasons.

  • Dangerous pets can spread hair and hair dander. If you have a pet that runs around your home and leaves behind hair and dander you need to have your air ducts cleaned. The air ducts become less efficient when hair and dander collect.
  • Asthmatic and Allergic residents in the home. It's a smart thing to clean out the air ducts, and eliminate risk factors that could increase allergic reactions or worsen the symptoms.
  • Did your home suffer serious damage in the past? It is a good idea for you to also clean your air-ducts after a disaster. Even if they weren't damaged by the actual disaster, the airborne particles and restoration work are still there.
  • Restoration and renovation- A smart move to clear out your home of all dust and debris is an option if you've had a section of your house renovated or rebuilt.
  • The indoor smoker is the last reason. This is especially important if you have young children. To summarize, it is bad to smoke in closed areas.

You can read more about the best seasons for air-duct cleaning.

Don't fall for those who promise to clean your air ducts.

Have you seen these $49 air-duct cleaning deals? Do they claim that air duct cleaning will reduce your electricity costs? Is it possible to live a more healthy life? You need to be careful as they might not be telling you the whole truth.

The cost of air duct cleaning for condos is $200. For large houses with basement HVAC systems, the price can go up to $1,000. If you accept a $49 price, you will most likely be asked to pay more for the most basic parts of duct cleaning.

It doesn't necessarily mean you will have a better life if you spend more on air duct cleaning. NADCA claims that HVAC system cleaning can help you save money on your bills. But only in certain HVAC systems, and only in certain circumstances. Your expenses won't drop due to air duct cleaners.

Choose Wisely, Benefit More

If you choose the right company to clean your ducts, you'll get more than just cleaner ducts. You will get honest service, skilled and knowledgeable staff, as well as someone to talk to about any issues or concerns you may have regarding your air duct cleaning.


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