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Some Air Conditioning Parts that Need Regular Maintenance

Mar 25

ac miantenanceAn air conditioner might be one of the most expensive appliances in your residential property. That's why you need to ensure it is well-maintained and efficient, so you can have it last for many years.

Of course, if your air conditioner fails or breaks down completely, you'll still have to pay money to get it repaired, even if it is under warranty. But why go through all the labor costs if you can have AC maintenance services? It can save you considerable money down the road.

If you're wondering which air conditioner parts require regular maintenance, here are the 8 HVAC components that you should focus on:


It is perhaps the most critical part of air conditioning systems since keeping germs or other air pollutants at bay is one of its primary functions. But after a month or two, dirt starts to accumulate in the filter, requiring regular service from certified technicians of AC maintenance in Dorval QC

Condenser Coils

Condenser coils enable the air conditioner to cool down by releasing heat into the air outside. They are usually mounted on the outdoor part of air conditioning rooftop units. Since they are exposed to the elements, you should guarantee that these metal fins are free from dirt and corrosion. If they get compromised, you'll have to spend more money on repairs to maximize its cooling efficiency. 

Evaporator Coils

These are inside air conditioning units that turn liquid refrigerants into gas. If they get clogged, air won't be able to circulate in your HVAC system, causing it to malfunction or break down. It will leave you with potentially expensive repair costs. But there is nothing to worry about because you can leave the job to a company with expertise in AC maintenance in Dorval, QC

Condenser Fans

As the name suggests, a condenser fan is an air-moving device designed to cool air before releasing it to the HVAC duct network. Like the other parts listed earlier, dirt and corrosion can make these fans less efficient, resulting in higher HVAC repair charges, which will be costlier than preventive AC maintenance in Dorval, QC, Canada.


Has your air conditioning system been getting turned on and off frequently? Then, there could be a problem with its compressor. 

Remember that a compressor has a vital role to play. Considered the heart of the cooling cycle, this HVAC component draws in cool and low-pressure refrigerant gas and squeezes it to raise its temperature and pressure. 

However, a low level of refrigerant or dirty coil gives the compressor a hard time to work, resulting in more damages and unexpectedly high electric bills. So, when your air conditioning unit has become unusual lately, do not leave it unfixed for days. Contact certified technicians who provide quality AC maintenance in Dorval, QC, and any surrounding area for lasting results. 


This part regulates the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator coils. If air can't flow inside the air conditioning systems, it won't work correctly anymore. That's why it would be helpful to maintain every available valve in your HVAC. But dealing with it on your own can be challenging, and the right technicians can make the process less stress-free. 


As the name implies, this equipment is designed to ensure that every HVAC part is works appropriately according to humidity levels and preset temperature to give you optimum comfort without wasting energy. But similar to other components in this list, it might fail over time, and seasoned technicians can come to your rescue. 


This is the primary power source of an HVAC system. That’s why if it fails or malfunctions, the air won't be able to cool anymore. Since replacing a motor for your AC can be expensive, it would be worth it to maintain it. But after constant use, you should take a new motor installation into account. 

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