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Types of Furnaces Every Homeowner Should Note 

Apr 12

Furnaces are crucial to keeping one's home warm and comfortable, especially during the winter. Additionally, it aids in circulating conditioned air from your cooling system during the summer. On top of that, they also provide high indoor air quality once you insert an air purifier or humidifier into your system. 


While a furnace system entails various benefits, you can't experience its peak efficiency if it's not installed correctly. So, it is best to look for an HVAC professional for a furnace installation in Edmond, OK, to guarantee that your furnace is working at an optimum level. 

What Are The Types Of Furnaces On The Market?

Before opting for a furnace installation in Edmond, OK, you must consider the fuel source, cost, size, and especially the type of furnace that fits in your home. To guide you, below are the types of furnaces you can check. 

Single-Stage Furnace 

This type has a single gas valve that opens and closes to allow gas to flow. It also produces noise and is designed to run at a constant speed. 


On the other hand, this type is one of the most common furnaces as it is adequate to heat a small to medium-sized home. Additionally, it has only one 'on' setting, so it can either be turned off or run at maximum flame setting. Most homeowners prefer this type as it is cheaper and has lower repair costs than other furnaces. 


If you want this type of furnace, it is best to contact an HVAC expert for furnace installation in Edmond, OK to determine if a single-stage type fits your home. 

Two-Stage Furnace 

This type has two levels of heat output: high and low. The high level is applicable for cold winter days, while the low level is for summer or less hotter days. This furnace provides heat more efficiently and maintains a more consistent temperature. 


If you don't want the single-stage type, you can opt for this furnace as it operates more quietly at half speed, conserves energy, and reduces temperature fluctuations. On top of that, this furnace usually runs at its low output, so it consumes less fuel than a standard furnace. 

Modulating Furnace 

A gas furnace with a modulating gas valve and a variable-speed blower offers efficient and cost-effective heating performance. It saves energy by running at the lowest possible fan speed and provides enough heat to keep your family warm and comfortable. 


Compared to the previously mentioned furnaces, this type is better as it has an annual fuel utilization efficiency rating of 80 to 98 percent and uses less electricity when distributing air. If you think that a modulating furnace suits your home, you can call an HVAC technician to assist you with a furnace installation in Edmond, OK.


Electric Furnace 


An electric furnace uses electricity to heat the air, which then gets distributed throughout your home by a blower. This type is becoming more popular as it is considered more efficient than gas furnaces. Electric furnaces don't produce any combustion gases, so they are ideal for homes where gas isn't available. 


This type is almost 100 percent efficient in converting electricity to heat and can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance. If you're looking for an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient furnace, an electric furnace is a good choice. 


Don't Delay Comfort and Call An HVAC Expert Today !  

An HVAC professional is an expert in finding the right furnace that suits your home. If you're up for a furnace installation in Edmond, OK, check out Triple Play Home Services. They offer high-quality installation services without breaking the bank. Hence, schedule an appointment with them today to start the installation process quickly.