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Types of Heating Systems You Can Install

Apr 17

Before installing your new system, you need to identify the particular heating type ideal for your property. You cannot proceed with the installation process if you don’t know your heating options. The size of your home, the climate you live in, and your budget are also determining factors. Once you are settled with the specific type, that’s the only time you can purchase a unit.

To help you speed up your decision-making process, here are the different heating systems you can choose from.


Before you call an expert in heating installation Stuart, FL, you should first identify if you want to install a furnace or not. Also called a forced warm-air distribution system, a furnace works by blowing the heated air flowing through the ducts.

The warm air is then delivered throughout the rooms via grills or air registers. You can choose whether you want electricity, natural gas, or fuel oil for your furnace. Many homeowners use furnaces as their type of heating.


If a furnace distributes warm temperature through the air, a boiler uses water to heat a home. This type of heating system uses radiators to distribute heat in each room. Likewise, the boiler has a pump to circulate the hot water through the pipes and radiators instead of ductwork for airflow.

The boiler is responsible for heating the water and controlling the thermostat to achieve the targeted temperature. Companies that offer heating installation Stuart, FL, can either install natural gas or heating oil boilers.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps work in two ways: they can either transfer heat from the ground or air outside to heat your home or act in reverse and cool your home by transferring heat from inside to the outdoors.

This unit can help you achieve comfort both in hot and cold weather. It collects cold air outside during winter and then changes it into a warm temperature before discharging it throughout your house. It typically relies on an electrical system to heat a property.

If you consult with an expert in heating installation Stuart, FL, they will give you two heat pump options. The first is the air-source heat pump, while the second is the ground-source heat pump.

Air source heat pumps take warmth from the air outside and use it to heat your home, whereas ground source heat pumps take warmth from the ground and use it to heat your home.

Electric Space Heater

An electric space heater depends on electricity to generate heat. These are typically more expensive to operate than other types of space heaters since they require lots of electricity to deliver the heat that natural gas or oil can naturally provide. However, they can be very effective at heating a small area.

Many electric space heaters have features like timers and remote controls so that you can customize your heating experience. They have an oil-filled and quartz-infrared heater that functions by converting electric current directly coming from the power supply, such as a wall socket.

Make sure to talk with a qualified contractor for heating installation Stuart, FL, to help you find a product suitable to your needs and budget.

Install Your Chosen Heating System with The Right HVAC Contractor

The type of heating system you’ll install is excellent for your family’s comfort. This is why it’s essential to decide wisely while considering your budget and needs. Aside from the right heating system, you should also ensure the quality of your installer.

For your heating installation Stuart, FL needs, you can lean on the professional team of South Florida Crane and Cooling LLC. Contact them to book a service and enjoy a hassle-free installation.