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Signs of a Failing Air Conditioner Compressor

Nov 27

You may already know AC compressors are expensive to replace, and there are several ways for them to fail. The good news is that most of these problems are avoidable with routine preventative maintenance. There are various warning indications that your compressor is failing. These include:


AC Odd Sounds

Although your air conditioning system should not be silent, it should also not make a loud, grinding noise either. If you hear any of these strange noises while your air conditioner is running, it might mean that your compressor’s bearings are worn out. A hissing sound is another kind of noise that might reveal a refrigerant leak. Don’t wait for your compressor’s condition to deteriorate before seeking repair; instead, contact Comfort Temp Heating & Air as soon as possible.

AC Leak

If you see a refrigerant leaking from your air conditioner, it’s a sure sign of a compressor problem. The air conditioner compressor pressurizes the cooling agent known as a refrigerant. Because the compressor is prone to wear and tear over time, it may ultimately leak liquid refrigerant. When this happens, call Comfort Temp Heating & Air so they can keep you and your unit safe.

High Electric Bills

If you notice that your energy bills are increasing although you are not using your air conditioner any more than usual, this might be a symptom of a compressor problem. Because faulty compressors have to work harder to cool your home, your energy expenses will increase. A compressor failure is a severe issue that will require extensive AC repair and service in Gainesville, FL. You may avoid this by getting your system serviced regularly by a Comfort Temp Heating & Air technician.

Warm Air

Warm air coming from your air conditioner might mean a compressor problem. Your AC might be low on refrigerant. If your system isn’t reaching the temperature you desire, schedule an appointment with a Comfort Temp Heating & Air expert so we can assess if you only need a refill or if you have a leak to be fixed.

Overheated Condenser Unit 

A faulty air conditioner compressor can cause your condenser unit to overheat, especially during the summer when the unit is working harder. You wouldn’t want it to break down in the middle of scorching hot weather. If you notice this sign, contact a Comfort Temp Heating & Air technician right away. Their trained professionals will diagnose the issue and advise you on the best course of action.



You wouldn’t want to disregard any of the most common signs of a failing AC compressor now that you’re aware of them.

If you believe your AC compressor needs testing or maintenance by HVAC specialists, the team at Comfort Temp Heating & Air is always ready to assist. They provide high-quality residential and commercial HVAC service, installation, and repair in Gainesville, Jacksonville, and the surrounding areas. Their qualified technicians will help resolve the underlying issues before they do more damage to the compressor.