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If You’re Looking For Air Conditioning Contractor In Perth

Jan 16

Air Conditioning Contractor In Perth

If you’re looking for air conditioning Perth, you’ll want to consider split system air conditioners. Split system air conditioners have several advantages over other air conditioners, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to cool their home or office. WestOz Trades Air Conditioning systems are economical, yet high performance. Their reliable air conditioners are manufactured in Adelaide and expertly designed to withstand year round weather extremes.

We’re family owned and operated providing professional air conditioning service and advice across all the top brands. Looking to purchase a new split system or ducted air conditioner for your home or business? Browse and buy the latest energy efficient models and leading air conditioner brands. For optimal year-round comfort from your AC unit, York is the name to know. Distributed by WestOz Trades Air Conditioning, York air conditioners  Australia offer superior AC solutions perfect for our Australian climate.

Our technicians can install all major brands or carry out repairs and services. Our annual services includes a 12 point check of various elements of both your indoor and outdoor units, cleaning and replacing parts as required. We make sure that your system spreads its air evenly and quietly, and operates efficiently, no matter what the season. WestOz Trades Air Conditioning excels in all kinds of  reverse-cyle air conditioning repairs, from domestic and residential systems, through to industrial and commercial properties and apartment blocks.

WestOz Trades Air ConditioningWe have a broad range of clients and have a dedicated team of AC technicians. Not all jobs are created equal, but all jobs are equally important. Whether it's a simple repair or ducted air conditioning install, we apply the same high levels of dedication and service no matter the scope of the work. Evaporative cooling is the healthiest and most energy efficient way to survive the summer heat. This natural solution uses water and air to direct a cooling breeze through your home. Ducted air con is a great choice for discreet entire home cooling.

The Australian climate can be harsh, but with the right air conditioning system, you can ensure that you’re comfortable all year round. The majority of high quality evaporative air conditioning units have a minimum of a two year parts and labour warranty. This is why we highly recommend having your air conditioning in Perth regularly serviced and maintained for cleanliness and blockages by a qualified technician. Looking for a convenient way to maintain a comfortable climate all year round in your home? Daikin’s reverse cycle premium ducted air conditioning is one of the most effective ways of being able to heat and cool multiple rooms in your home at the touch of a button.

Perth Air Conditioning Contractor

In cooling mode, hot air is pumped outside, and in heating mode the hot air is pumped inside. These systems also have a dry mode to remove moisture from humid air, and a fan mode, which is great for circulating and cleaning air on milder days. Premium inverters continually adjust their cooling and heating capacity to suit room temperature.

That is why  you need an air conditioner specialist you can trust to assist you to make the right choice between a ducted or split system and even what brand to choose. We offer full service and repairs of your ducted reverse cycle air conditioner. We offer full cleaning and descaling of evaporative air conditioning units, Filter pad change, replacement pumps, solenoids, motors and circuit boards.

We are committed to providing you with a consistent point of contact throughout your service. Part of being relaxed and comfortable is enjoying peace of mind in knowing your air conditioning system is covered by warranty. Daikin has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, customer service teams, warehousing and call centre are all right here in Australia, providing many employment opportunities for locals. As an authorised dealer for many years, we have access to the latest Daikin models and can offer expert advice on which system would best suit your needs. We can also provide ongoing maintenance and support for your Daikin air conditioner, ensuring that it continues to work  at its best for years to come. DACS is an authorised Daikin dealer, which means we can provide you with the best air conditioning service solutions.

Our WestOz Trades Air Conditioning review team found this company is able to provide a succinct, itemised quote within 72 hours. It is worth noting however that their pricing does not include GST and they do not offer financing options. The Tempo building is an architectural standout among the eclectic array of Subiaco buildings of the 19th, 20th and 21st century.

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